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Feast Day Icons: A full set of the 12 major Feast Day icons, painted with breathtaking beauty, can be purchased for $12,000 and paid for one at a time. Wherever you begin in the Liturgical cycle, the up-coming feast icon will be shipped 30 days prior to the feast day. Patrons may be solicited to donate an icon within the cycle and thus gift your parish with an enduring treasure for future generations.

Iconostasis Icons: for an existing iconostasis or one to be constructed, icons can be ordered to fit the exact dimensions specified.

Entire Church Icons: The Pokrovskys are expert designers of full church themes that reflect the uniqueness of the parish church. Exhaustive research goes into the planning of each design so that the story of Incarnation, Death and Resurrection of our Lord is incorporated with the particulars of the Patronal name or saint. Patron Icons include the full klema (events) of the saintís life. A model is constructed with advance drawings of the design for parish approval. Payment plans may be stretched over 5 years with a down payment of 15% to begin work.

Prices for complicated icons involving multiple figures or detailed background work are determined on a per commission basis, please inquire. To inquire about commissioning icons, contact izograph@izograph.com

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